Vahanian brings you its expertise in the marine industry to help you find the best boat parts for sale on the market. You will find on our site our selection of supplies and devices to improve the performance of your boat, simplify and secure life on board. On this page, we would like to present you the solutions of an equipment manufacturer that perfectly meets our requirements. Delta T Systems is the world leader in ventilation systems for ships’ engine room. Founded in 1992, Delta T was born out of a critical need for a reliable supply of clean, dry, salt-free air for many vessels such as:

  • Commercial ships,
  • pleasure yachts,
  • military vessels,
  • as well as for the offshore oil and gas industry.

Our marine equipment store recommends this brand for the care it takes in its ship ventilation solutions. That’s because Delta T Systems’ engineers have a thorough understanding of the air requirements of engine room equipment and conditions. This knowledge allows them to design ventilation systems that meet the needs and expectations of ship and marine structure owners. Delta T Systems is focused on balancing airflow and temperature, preventing salt water intrusion, mitigating fire risk, all with intelligent and intuitive controls.


To ensure optimal performance, longevity and safety of equipment in the machine room, many parameters must be taken into account. Delta T offers a solution for every problem:

  • Air – A fresh air inlet as well as a hot air outlet must be provided. Delta T Systems offers an effective solution to significantly increase the performance and longevity of your systems with real savings.
  • Temperature – A ventilation system is essential to maintain an ideal temperature in the machine room. Protect man and machine with Delta T Systems’ line of products designed specifically for this need.
  • Moisture – Water, especially salt water, has no place in the engine room. With Delta T Systems brand moisture eliminators strategically placed in the air intake openings, stop it at the source!
  • Fire – Fuel, heat and air can cause a catastrophic engine room fire when combined. Prevent it with rugged, intelligent fire dampers. Products designed by Delta T Systems are Coast Guard approved and trusted worldwide.
  • Smart Controls – Every Delta T Systems device works in harmony. Easily control fans, temperature, air pressure, humidity and fire damper in case of fire with the touch of a button or with an intelligent program.


Products that have been serving commercial, military and recreational vessels for over 30 years.


The design of engine room ventilation systems has been largely neglected for years, with the result that most of today’s ships do not generate the necessary airflow. In addition, the trend for all types of vessels is toward larger engines with a correspondingly greater demand for combustion and cooling airflow. Without a proper ventilation system, this results in:

  • Significantly increased maintenance and fuel costs
  • High restrictions and poor performance
  • Salt and moisture damage
  • Alarming heat levels and noise
  • Damage to auxiliary equipment
  • Denial of engine warranty coverage
  • Catastrophic risk of engine failure


Delta T Systems offers you a single, customized solution that manages all of your engine room ventilation needs, from inlet to outlet. The cornerstone of their approach to designing the ideal system for your vessel is an accurate study of the heat and air requirements of virtually all marine diesel engines and generators. They also compare this data with their own database of actual installations for even more reliable results. In addition to designing their products, Delta T Systems also manufactures most of the components.


Studies by the U.S. Coast Guard have determined that complete ventilation systems designed by Delta T Systems will save $5 million in

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