Tohmei gyro stabilization systems are the oldest anti-roll systems for boats on the market. Initially developed and marketed by Mitsubishi in the 2000s, they are now marketed by Tohmei.

These gyroscopes are simple to install on a boat, simple to maintain and are just as effective as competing offerings.

Tohmei capitalizes on its knowledge and experience in the aerospace industry to offer a product of the highest quality.


Tohmei gyroscopes work on the principle of natural precession (or passive precession) as opposed to the dynamic precession found on Seekeaper gyroscopes.

The precession motion of the gyro stabilizer is a natural dynamic response, which means that the stabilizing torque of the gyro is always instantaneously perfectly synchronized and perfectly proportioned to the roll reduction needs of the vessel, regardless of how fast or slow the roll motion is.

This eliminates inefficiencies and failures caused by slow or faulty sensors in the electrical or hydraulic systems, and ensures a perfectly synchronized response under all conditions. Tohmei’s high performance torque stabilizer design is by no means an obsolete technology.

Tohmei gyroscopes are extremely intelligent in their design. With the precision engineering of the aerospace industry, each boat stabilizer is created with durable materials, allowing it to last through the years unhindered.


180 degrees of precession versus 120 degrees for active precession. This allows the gyro to stabilize your vessel on longer and larger waves. A Tohmei gyro can apply the same amount of force in each direction.
Better performance in medium to large swells
Instant and perfectly synchronized anti-roll stabilization
No salt water cooling system that directly introduces electrolysis throughout the gyro
More economical to install
Much more economical over the life of the product. Competitor units have only operated for three to six years before very costly refurbishments, compared to boat gyro stabilizer models that have operated for 20 to 25 years before requiring work that is still five times less expensive.

Main Features

  • Stabilizer for any type of vessel (fishing boat, cruise ship, outboard, cruise ship, etc.) from 10 to 200 tons
  • Multi-system ARG mounting
  • Air cooling (no hole in the hull)
  • Low cost maintenance
  • No hydraulics
  • No electronic management
  • Compact and lighter system
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