Fuel Polishing Systems

Fuel Polishing Systems

APS Systems – Inside model

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AFS Systems – Inside & Outside model

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Njord automatic Fuel Filtration Systems are recommended for use on board yachts that have 12 or 24 Volt DC or 110, 230, 400 Volt AC available. They can also be used for industrial Fuel Polishing applications inside a building

Each fuel tank is its own biosphere. Diesel fuel is naturally unstable and forms sediments over time. As water enters the tank with the consumption of fuel through the air pipe, micro-organism contamination is always a threat. The drastic reduction of sulfur and addition of bio-components to diesel fuel in recent years have further reduced shelf life and increased fuel related headaches. To make sure your engines or generators run reliably and efficiently on (bio)diesel, it is strongly recommended to install a fuel polishing system on board.


MTC Systems

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Key Features

Heavy Duty prefilter or coalescer to separate water and heavy sediments

Compact design and low weight

Absolute filtration in final filter

Two step water separation

Fuel Conditioner to stop micro-organism growth and stabilize fuel

Fuel Quality required for Common Rail engines

Including suction and return hoses

Prefilter optional

Filtration Controller optional

Flow meter optional

Mobile Tank Cleaning Systems are recommended for cleaning diesel fuel tanks as well as the fuel in various applications WITHOUT tank entry. Both above ground and underground tanks can be cleaned using our systems. Depending on the tank size a different flow rate is recommended. When cleaning the tank and fuel we recommend to use our Fuel Additive Diesel UltraClean to clean the tank walls, dissolve tank sludge and stabilize the fuel.

NFC Series

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Fuel is naturally unstable. Its quality and chemistry are continuously degraded by transportation & storage from refinery to user, oxidation, heat & pressure of engines, pumps & injectors, and by water & microbial contamination. Even when fuel is still clear and bright, microscopic fuel components agglomerate forming larger clusters and organic compounds. Eventually, filters clog and sludge (algae, gum, tar, varnish, wax, etc.) accumulates in storage tanks. Njord Filtration Technology reverses the agglomeration process.

The Fuel Conditioner also stops the growth of micro-organism in your fuel tank.

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